Our Inspiration

What does it take to become the "best of the best"?  We think it starts with talent, huge commitments of time and energy for training and practice, and then of course money.

Elite athletes may identify their talent at a young age or spend years developing their skills, either way the amount of time athletes commit to their sport is huge.  Five to seven days a week, hours each day. And when the athlete is young, commitment from their parents is crucial.

The endless hours required by athletes to become a master in their field can be more than a full time job and can accumulate quite a bit of financial commitment as well.  Whether the sport requires gear, training facilities, uniforms, travel, or a trainer, many athletes are required to take on a part-time job to help make ends meet if they don't have the financial support from their families.  All of the training leads up to the competitions - after all, what's all of the training worth if not to say you are the BEST in your field.  

Those who have suffered through the financial strain of years of training still have to make it to the finish line before they get to claim victory, or in this case, a medal in the Olympics.  Traveling to the games can ring up quite a bill in itself - travel, lodging, and meals alone can run into the thousands of dollars.  The lucky ones ranked among the elite few predicted to win, might be awarded a sponsorship, but everyone else has to come up with the money themselves.

Raise the Flag can help these elite athletes.  Through our fundraising program for athletes, they can build the funds to get them to the final leg of their journey.  We have developed a line of high quality active-lifestyle wear that athletes can be proud to promote and individuals can be proud to wear as they show support for the upcoming games.  

Our programs are not open to the public, only to those organizations and athletes on their journey to becoming medal winners and fulfilling their dream of having our American Flag raised as their name is called to step on the podium and receive their medal.  

What to find out if you or your team qualifies for our fundraising program?  Contact us at Sales@RaiseTheFlag.com!