Athlete Direct Funding Program

Interested in participating in our Athlete Direct Funding Program?  Contact to get more information.


Ready to Sign up?  Here is our process:

  1. Send the following information to  Name, Address, Phone, Email, and how you heard about our program.
  2. We will email you our contract to sign, as well as a W-9 so you can get paid!
  3. Once we receive the items in step 2, we will email you a link to set up your online account through our tracking program.  If you have not received this link within 24 hours of returning the signed items, please contact us.
  4. Once we verify information in your tracking account, we'll email you with instructions on how to use our tracking software.  

That's it.  You can start promoting your fundraising to friends, family, and followers!  We'll take care of the rest.